1. Can we use electric to operate the heater pad?
No, Our heater pads do not operate with electric. It operates with Low Pressure un-trapped steam, not exceeding 15 psi.
2. Is it possible to use hot water to operate the heater pad?
Yes, it is OK to use hot water but the reheating time will be longer.
3. Can the heater pad be reused?
Yes, the heater pad is designed to be durable for reuse. If it is well taken care of, the heater pad can be reused for 6-10 times.
4. What is the right steam temperature to use to achieve maximum heating result?
The right steam to set should be at 15psi(psi= pound per sq inch).
The steam in the range of 12 psi will generate temperature of app
rox. 121°C (250°F). This will enable the heater pad to provide eno
ugh heat to melt the product. DO NOT EXCEED 15 PSI. The higher temperature resulting from operating above 15 psi will melt the LiquiTainer (flexitank) and cause a total failure of the liner.
5. How does the steam pass through the heater pad with 20 tons of liquid sitting on it?

First, we will calculate the pound/sq  inch inside a laden container with 20 ton liquid:

Measurement of 20ft container floor area = 20 ft x 8 ft = 160 sq ft = 23,040 sq inch Weight of liquid = 20 ton = 20,000 kgs = 44,000 pounds ) Pound per sq inch (psi) = 44,000 pounds/23,040 sq inch = 2 psi (pound per sq inch

This means 2 pounds of liquid (psi) sits on 1 square inch  of container floor / heater pad.

The filled LiquiTainer exerts 2 psi on the floor of the container/
heater pad and the 15 psi operating temperature is more than sufficient to open the tubing to allow steam passage.
6. How do I operate the heater pad?

A copy of our Heater Pad Operating Manual will be made available to you upon request.
7. How long does the heater pad take to reheat / melt the product?

Using 10-15 psi un-trapped steam, the system is designed to raise the product temperature 12°C in 48 hours.  Please consult with us regarding specific requirements.