Bulkliner Flexitankr


To be a global leader in bulk liquid logistics.


To provide the most cost effective and safest solutions in bulk liquid logistics


Company Profile

Realizing the increasing demand for more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective bulk liquid logistics solutions, Bulkliner Logistics was founded in the year 2016 with the vision to become a global leader in bulk liquid logistics. Bulkliner Logistics has since developed to be the premier flexitank manufacturer in India with a growing influence in the regional marketplace. Through its highly experienced and innovative product design and constant commitment to research and development, Bulkliner Logistics continues to deliver superior quality innovative solutions with a significant cost reduction to a wide array of industries in India and abroad.

Now Bulkliner Logistics (P) Ltd. is a fully integrated bulk liquid logistics specialists in India. We are the manufacturer of ‘Bulkliner branded Flexitanks’ and many other innovative bulk liquid logistics solutions using cutting edge technology and design. Bulkliner provides more efficient and affordable logistics solutions and serves its key customer segments in the Petroleum oil, Edible Oil, Food & Pharma, Latex, and Chemical Industries worldwide. We provide total liquid logistics solutions globally with our own fleet of flexifit containers and NVOCC operations. Leading-edge logistics information technologies is at the core of our business. Customized shipment portals provide global visibility to your cargo in real-time. Process innovation and customer focus have propelled Bulkliner to being one of the fastest-growing companies in the liquid logistics industry.

At Bulkliner we transport bulk liquid shipments the world over with reliability and consistency that gives our customers peace-of-mind. Our team of logistics professionals takes pride in understanding our customers’ business and evaluating the most effective shipment options. Dedication and attention to detail make Bulkliner the logistics partner you can trust for your bulk liquid supply chain.


At Bulkliner, we are pleased to confirm our commitment to your business needs, from supplying flexitanks and other products to offering our customers a fully integrated Total-Logistics Solution and complete door-to-door service with strong technical support from our own experienced team in combination with our trained agents and distributors who are strategically placed across the globe.